Cow Patty Bingo

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Date: Saturday, 11th May 2019

Time: TBC

Time: Straight after 1st team rugby game vs St Andrews

Venue: Somerset Field, Graeme College

Tickets: R200 per ticket.

Prize: R20 000

Tickets will be sold at Graeme College reception as well as at the Graemian Centre on sports days leading up to the event. Tickets are also available online at

All tickets will be allocated a number which will be placed on a paper plate, and spread out within a designated area on Somerset Field after the rugby game. That process will be overseen the Headmaster of Graeme College, ground staff and with the assistance of a legal representative to assure transparency and fairness. Izak Smuts has confirmed his availability.

A cow will be led into the demarcated area, which will be closed in, and left to its own devices. Once the cow leaves a ‘patty’ - the plate on which most of the patty falls, will be deemed the winner. If need be, this might actually be weighed. Again, this process will be audited professionally by Advocate Smuts.

We will wait until the cow leaves a patty on a plate.

There is a once-off prize of R20 000 for the winner.

The auditor's decision is final.
There is only one winner as decided by the auditor.
A portion of the ‘patty’ must land on the paper plate.
You do not have to be present at the event to win.
You may not place your plate, the ground staff will place plates randomly.
Tickets will not be sold after 3pm on Saturday 11 May 2019.
Proof of ticket purchase will be required.
Ticket cost may be shared by more than one person.