Makana Edutourism

Last Updated: February 2015

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  • 1820 Settler National Monument, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

  • Longitude: 26.5192347
  • Latitude: -33.3195007
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Business Offered

  • Marketing


  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Xhosa

Payment Options

  • Bank Deposit (EFT)
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Business Hours

  • 09:00 to 17:00

About Makana Edutourism

What is Edutourism?

Edutourism is travel for the purpose of formal or informal education and life long learning in unique natural, historical and multi-cultural environments. It refers to any tourism programme or product offering in which participants travel to a location with the primary purpose of engaging in a learning experience directly related to the location. 

Edutourism comprises a variety of activities, for example: voluntary, gap-year and student exchange programmes, sabattical and staff exchanges, educational tours, school trips, special interest tours, short courses, conferences, festivals, ongoing adult education programmes, summer and winter schools, development practice training, internships, sports coaching seminars, cultural history tours etc

Edutourism encompasses, overlaps with, and increases demand for, a variety of existing tourism product offerings such as adventure, eco-based, environmental, cultural, historical, heritage, pro-poor, community based, voluntourism, gap-year and backpacker tourism products.

Why Makana for your rewarding and engaging Edutourism experience?

Grahamstown, the small city at the heart of the Makana region, is endowed with world-class educational institutions including Rhodes University and several top schools. Its surrounds have an abundance of historical, environmental and cultural tourism resources and there are a significant variety of nearby attractions, not least of which the malaria free BIG 5 Game reserves and beautiful beaches within 50km of Grahamstown. When compared with competitors, Makana is a safe, secure destination with small-town environments which are warm, welcoming, and conducive to study and to engagement in community-based development projects as well as in conservation initiatives.  

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