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Prayer Revival

United Prayer for Revival in Grahamstown. Please join us in praying for God to work in our City. Prayers led by Salem Prayer Network, a group from various churches across the City.

Where: Siyakubonga Chapel, Cobden St

Established 1994
The Grahamstown School of Yoga has been in operation for nearly 23 years and the many participants who have attended classes in that time have derived great benefit from their practice.  Many of our members have spoken of back, neck, joint and knee problems which have now completely disappeared or are much improved.
Regular and patient practice brings a wonderful sense of calm and peace, as well as general health and flexibility.
Regular yoga practice is also a training in mindfulness, getting to know and understand yourself better. It is an exercise for body, mind and spirit.
We give four classes per week:
Tues & Thurs mornings 7am-8am at the Princess Alice Hall
Tues & Weds evenings 5.30pm–6.45pm at the St Patrick’s Hall
Contact Denise at 046 636 1604 or 083 651 9242 or Mayfieldaccom@gmail.com


Wednesday 17:15-18:15, DSG Studio (Aquatics centre), Essential Mat-work

Starting in August 2017:Something for the guys! We are offering a new Core Class for Men aimed at building up core strength and full-body muscular endurance as well as improving posture and flexibility. Starting at a beginner level, this essential matwork class will help you to build from the basics, up to more challenging exercises, increasing your strength and challenge your co-ordination. While the class is targeted at men please note that all are welcome.

Contact thenaturalaffinity@gmail.com for more or visit us on Facebook https://goo.gl/D8YXmE

Commencing in July/August 2017
Grahamstown: 17:15 to 17:50: Masonic Hall (Hill St): Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday.

Karate improves self-confidence, coordination, concentration and focus, and promotes a positive attitude and a healthy way of life.
From 7yrs to adult. 5 and 6 Year old children accepted on condition that a parent also joins. Affordable fees and special family rates available. The first 20 members to sign-up for the July classes will each receive a free karate suit.
Contact Gary Grapentin at garyg@geenet.co.za or 073 346 0059.
Find East Cape Shotokan-Ryu Karate on Facebook

Tues & Weds evenings 5.30pm–6.45pm at the St Patrick’s Hall

Contact Denise at 046 636 1604 or 083 651 9242 or Mayfieldaccom@gmail.com