4-Day Aquaponics Training Course

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Date: Tuesday, 21st November 2017 to Saturday, 25th November 2017

Time: TBC

Join HPA for a fascinating immersion into the mastery of a life-changing skill.
This 4-Day Home-grown Practical Aquaponics course is specifically designed for those serious about going into Aquaponics – whether for home use, or for those contemplating Commercial Aquaponics - who would like to expand or grow their enterprise and access niche markets.

Course objectives: Explore the possibilities open to us all to take responsibility for our own health by ensuring that we eat chemical-free, wholesome food.
The course educates to enable sound decision making at every stage.
Ideal for Lodge, Restaurant, Hotel, School or Local Community where a supply of fresh, chemical free greens and fish would be enjoyed.

The course Includes meals, teas and training manual and ends with an optional exam (Day 4) which facilitates certification.

Appropriate to African conditions, the course provides comprehensive training manuals, appropriate components, proven kits of various sizes, custom system designs, consultancy and even installations.   

Visit our Website: http://practicalaquaponics.co.za/ 

Book the Course: http://practicalaquaponics.co.za/training/ 

Contact Martin Fick at 083 278 4201

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